Kyrian of Thrace

Ex- Greek General


Full Name: Kyrian of Thrace
Pronunciation: Kear-ee-an
Designation: Greek Dark-Hunter
DOB: 179 BC
Height: 6’ 5
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Dark Green
Build: Muscular
Worst Enemies: Valerius, Desiderius
Tattoos or Scars: hairline scar from cheek to chin; scars on his body from his time with the Romans
Weapon of Choice: Sword & Shield


Kyrian of Thrace was the sole heir to the throne of Thrace. His story begins at age 20, when Zetes, Kyrian’s uncle thrust him under the care of Julian of Macedon with threat of bodily harm if anything happened to his nephew.

At 22, he meet and fell instantly in love with Theone, a women eight years his senior known for her renowned beauty. He disregarded friends and family in marrying her, a peddler of flesh, thus igniting his father’s furor and leading to his disinheritance.

Although he lavished her with love and gifts she betrayed him in every way possible. While Julian and he were away fighting the Romans she welcomed them into their home and ultimately their marital bed. Shortly after Julian’s curse and subsequent absence, Kyrian was caught in a trap set up by his lovely wife of seven years. Given to Valerius, his greatest enemy, within his own home he was to beaten and tortured for four weeks, culminating in the ultimate act of betrayal witnessing Theone with Valerius. Leading to him to ask why: How could he deserve such treatment after all he had done for her? With her responding she didn’t think he could keep her safe. While He was crucified and taken away by the Roman army she looked on without a smidgen of remorse only mild morbid curiosity. At that moment Kyrian knew beyond doubt that his wife never loved him and he vowed to never allow another women close to his heart.

During this moment his soul unleashed such a cry that all of Olympus heard. Crying for vengeance Artemis came to him. She offered one last act of vengeance against Theone if he vowed allegiance and became a Dark Hunter, a soulless creature of the night with heightened senses, bodily strength, and longevity in life.

Kyrian of Thrace

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