Dark Earth

From 2014 through 2019, we ran a shared world 5E D&D game called Dark Earth. Here’s the details on what was Season 4. There may be a Season 5 in the future, and there are those DMs who are still interested in running 5E D&D in this setting, so the records are retained for your viewing prleasure!

Dark Earth Season 4

Join Us To Play…

When We Play Sign Up To Play!
Where We Play N&N Adventuring Company!
How We Play Things to know about how we play.
Who You’ll Play With How to meet folks and participate in discussions!
Who’ll Run The Game Biographies of our DMs.
Why We Play Evolution of the Dark Earth concept.

…Familiar Myths…

The Chosen The Gods are calling on you to save the world. Are you brave enough to answer?
Pantheons The mythological pantheons in use in Season 3.
Waystone Network The ancient network the Chosen use to travel throughout the world.
History An history of Dark Earth.
Geography Physical, planar and dimensional geography.

…Woven Together as Unique Stories…

Japan DM: Larry Soracco
Egypt/North Africa DM: Phil
England DM: Robert Ross
India DM: Julian Cabrera
Central Africa DM: Kordian Starczyk
The Roman Empire (Season Four) DM: William Morgenthien
Sumeria DM: Rafael “Rafi”
Arabia DM: Cameron Doyle
Scandinavia and Waystone Wardens (The Rest Of The World) DM: Scott Roberts
Season 3 Archives: Links to Season 3 Info

Dark Earth

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