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Welcome to the N&N Adventuring Company, a community of players & DMs of roleplaying games and board games of all sorts that meets every Wednesday & Sunday at N&N Adventuring Company in River Edge, NJ to bring to life a world and a community of awesome gamers!

At the store, we have DMs and organizers running all sorts of games, including, but not limited to:


Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Our DMs run home games all the time, open for new players!
Star Wars (FFG) RPG Open Play – Open World Star Wars campaign, all welcome!
Pathfinder 2E – we just started testing out Pathfinder 2nd Edition!
Boardgames – A large boardgame group meets up here every Sunday around 3PM!


D&D Ongoing Campaign – currently Dungeon of the Mad Mage, openings for new players!

There are also new games in all sorts of systems popping up regularly, from Brave New World, various Powered by the Apocalypse games and more! Join our community and see what’s on offer—and run your own games!

Show up any Sunday for games at 12PM, 3PM (Boardgames) or 6PM, or sign up on our weekly spreadsheet via our Scheduling page.
On Wednesdays, if you want to play D&D every week in an ongoing game with fixed tables, just hit us up at nnadv@gmail.com or come visit!

We hope to see you soon!

Home Page

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